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A cruise to Katakolon and Olympia

20 Jul

A cruise to Katakolon and Olympia is probably among the best ways to spend your holidays in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Cruise Ship Katakolon

Katakolon is one of the major destinations in Greece and the Mediterranean Sea, since it is the main sea-gate to Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Continue reading


Cruise ships arriving to Katakolon Port in July 2011

19 Jul

Katakolon port is definitely one of the busiest ports of call for cruise ships this year, with more than 1million tourists arriving from different parts of the world.

If you are interested in booking a cruise to Katakolon and the Ionian Sea, or if you want to see which ships call at this port, you can check the following list of cruise ships arriving to Katakolon port in July 2o11. Continue reading

MSC Cruise liner to cruise Katakolon

1 Jul

The renowned cruise company MSC announced these days that the under construction flagship liner MSC Divina will be cruising the Eastern Mediterranean and Katakolon once it is launched in early 2012. Continue reading

Low cruise prices for Katakolon

30 Jun

Cruise prices for Katakolon and other Mediterranean destinations are much lower in 2011 compared to previous years. Following the same path as the airfares in Europe, cruise prices of Mediterranean cruises have also dipped.

If looking for a cruise to the Mediterranean, you will be able to find prices as low as $71 per person per day in August – which is considered high season in south Europe.

If you consider that this price includes in boat hotel facilities, meals and entertainment you can just think how much money you can save this way.

Katakolon Cruises

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40 Cruise ships in Katakolon this April

9 Apr

40 cruise ships are expected in Katakolon just this April. The tourist season in Katakolon has started since April 1st, and 40 cruise ships are going to call in Katakolon port from different countries.

According to the schedule, MSC MAGNIFICA will come from Alexandria to Dubrovnik, as well as the Costa Acifica.

Two to three cruise ships are expected at the port of Katakolon daily till the end of April, and the tourist season seems to be going extremely well for 2011, with numerous cruise ships calling to Katakolon port. So far, predictions talk about 400 ships till the end of the tourist season in November and more than 1,000.000 visitors.

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Discover the Mediterranean Culture with a Cruise to Katakolon and the Greek Islands

5 Apr

An established Maltese travel agency encourages its clients and the tourists of the world to Discover the Mediterranean Culture with a cruise to Katakolon and the Greek islands.

The local agency has teamed up with two academics to provide cultural cruises that aim at combining the love for traveling with the urge to discover the culture of the Mediterranean Sea. Continue reading