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Cruise ships arriving to Katakolon port in December 2011

1 Oct

Cruise ships arriving to Katakolon port in December 2011 are of course much less than the previous months, however, it should be denoted that even these few cruise ships are valuable for the tourist traffic in Katakolon, since most of them are large and luxurious cruise ships carrying thousands of passengers. Continue reading


Cruise ships arriving to Katakolon port in November 2011

29 Sep

Cruise ships arriving to Katakolon Port in November 2011 are expected to continue boosting the local economy. Continue reading

Cruise ships arriving to Katakolon port in October 2011

12 Aug

Cruise ships arriving to Katakolon Port in October 2011 are once more expected to be plenty, bringing thousands of tourists to the Ionian coast of Greece.

The tourists arriving to Katakolo in October will have the chance to see the western parts of the Peloponnese peninsula in cooler, but very friendly and mild weather.

After all, October is a high season month for cruises in Greece and the Mediterranean, since it is not that hot, seas are quite calm and the overall conditions favor the excursions to Olympia or close to Katakolon. Continue reading

Cruise ships arriving to Katakolon port in September 2011

5 Aug

September is expected to be a very busy month for the Katakolon port, since numerous cruise ships are calling there.

More than 3 large cruise ships, of at least 2,000 passengers each, will be mooring or anchoring at Katakolon every day in September 2011. Increasingly more ships from the largest cruise companies of the world choose the port of Katakolon as one of their destinations in the Mediterranean. Continue reading

Cruise ships arriving to Katakolon port in August 2011

4 Aug

Although August is a month of slower tourist traffic for cruise ships in Greece, it seems that Katakolon port is maintaining the great rhythm it has been showing since the beginning of this tourist season.

Not only will it be receiving numerous cruise ships with thousands of tourists, but it will be the port of call for some of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world, such as the Queen Victoria and the Costa Favolosa.

Here is the list of cruise ships arriving in August 2011 to Katakolon port. Continue reading

Special reception for cruise ships at Katakolon port

21 Jul

A special reception for cruise ships at Katakolon port has been organized by local unions and organizations of Ilia prefecture.

The reception of the cruise ships and their passengers will take place in order to thank the tourists for their preference in cruising in the Mediterranean and Greece and on the occasion of the arrival of the Costa Favolosa, the new cruise ship of Costa Cruises, which has set on its first cruise. Continue reading

A cruise to Katakolon and Olympia

20 Jul

A cruise to Katakolon and Olympia is probably among the best ways to spend your holidays in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Cruise Ship Katakolon

Katakolon is one of the major destinations in Greece and the Mediterranean Sea, since it is the main sea-gate to Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Continue reading

Cruise ships arriving to Katakolon Port in July 2011

19 Jul

Katakolon port is definitely one of the busiest ports of call for cruise ships this year, with more than 1million tourists arriving from different parts of the world.

If you are interested in booking a cruise to Katakolon and the Ionian Sea, or if you want to see which ships call at this port, you can check the following list of cruise ships arriving to Katakolon port in July 2o11. Continue reading

Thousands of tourists in 2011 in Katakolon

3 Jul

Thousands of tourists have chosen Katakolon and Olympia as their only destination in Greece in 2011. This fact is more evident among tourists who travel on a cruise ship.

According to statistics, more than 3 million tourists have visited Katakolon between 2006 and 2010, while 600,000 visited just Katakolon. Continue reading

Dawn over Katakolon

16 May

An image of a breathtaking dawn over Katakolon; when the cruise ships arrive at Katakolon port it’s still very early in the morning. The dawn is just about to break, creating gorgeous colors over the sky.

dawn over katakolonPhoto by Keith Richardson

dawn over katakolon

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Queen Victoria at Katakolon port

10 May

A cruise ship with a royal name at Katakolon port!

The cruise ship Queen Victoria of Cunard Lines arrived a few days ago in Katakolon, carrying 1872 passengers. At the same time, two more cruise ships arrived at Katakolon port:

  • Seabourn Odyssey with 437 passengers
  • Splendour of the Seas with 1898 passengers
queen vistoria cruise ship

The cruise ship Queen Victoria of Cunard Lines

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Statistics for Katakolon Port

8 May

Katakolon port seems to be a priceless treasure for Ileia (Elis) Prefecture and Greece in general.

Statistics for  the port of Katakolon give us enough information about the arrivals of tourists and cruise ships, since Katakolon has established itself as one of the main tourist destinations in the world, despite the financial crisis that has affected most parts of  every economic activity nowadays.

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5 cruise ships at Katakolon port with 6500 passengers

3 May

5 cruise ships with 6500 passengers arrived on April 28th, 2011 at Katakolon port; another great day for the port of Katakolon, with thousands of tourists disembarking from some of the most important cruise ships that call at Mediterranean ports this tourist season.

Despite the cold weather which has unexpectedly hit Greece and the Ionian sea these days, spring came to the port of Katakolon with the cruise ships that moored early in the morning of this April day. The cruise ships that arrived this day at Katakolon were Astor, Orient Queen, Prisendam, Azamara Journey and Zenith, making Katakolon one of the most important

It should be denoted though that 6000 tourists in one day is not the record for Katakolon port, since on June 15th 2010 15,000 tourists arrived in one single day, setting a record for all the ports of call for cruise ships in Greece.

Read more: Statistics for Katakolon Port

400 Cruise Ships at Katakolon Port in 2011

27 Apr

Katakolon port has proved to be one of the busiest ports of call for cruise ships in the Mediterranean this year.

Expecting more than 400 cruise ships at Katakolon port in 2011, the signs for the tourist season at the Western part of Greece are more than optimistic and comforting. Some of the cruise ships mooring at Katakolon port are luxurious and immense, carrying more than 3,000 tourists and crew.

A photo of an impressive cruise ship at Katakolon port.

cruise ships at Katakolon

cruise ships at Katakolon

8,000 tourists in one day at Katakolon Port

26 Apr

On April 19th 2011, 8,000 tourists disembarked at Katakolon port  in just one day. Three large cruise ships moored at the port of Katakolon since early in the morning; the cruise ships were MSC Musica, Coral and Costa Atlantica with 8000 passengers and crew in total. Continue reading

40 Cruise ships in Katakolon this April

9 Apr

40 cruise ships are expected in Katakolon just this April. The tourist season in Katakolon has started since April 1st, and 40 cruise ships are going to call in Katakolon port from different countries.

According to the schedule, MSC MAGNIFICA will come from Alexandria to Dubrovnik, as well as the Costa Acifica.

Two to three cruise ships are expected at the port of Katakolon daily till the end of April, and the tourist season seems to be going extremely well for 2011, with numerous cruise ships calling to Katakolon port. So far, predictions talk about 400 ships till the end of the tourist season in November and more than 1,000.000 visitors.

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