The lighthouse of Katakolon

The lighthouse of Katakolon was built in 1865 and is dominating the southwest part of the entrance of Katakolon port.

Katakolon Lighthouse

The lighthouse, the Faros of Katakolo as you will find it in Greek, is 9m tall and its focal height is 45m, while its scope reaches 18 to 19 nautical miles. It consists of 4 rooms, used by the lighthouse guards as bedrooms, and the tower where you can see the mechanism of the lighthouse.

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Strofades islands at Katakolon

Strofades islands are two small islands in the heart of the Ionian sea, outside the shores of Katakolon. They are located almost 20 miles away from Katakolon and are part of Zante Municipality.

Strofades islands can be translated to “rotating islands” in Greek. Continue reading “Strofades islands at Katakolon”

Weather in April 2011 in Katakolon

Weather in April in Katakolon had its ups and downs, since there were some warm days, but also some days with lower temperatures, especially the first days of the month. Winds were also relatively high this month, with some very windy days – with 90km/h.That was quite unfavorable for the cruise ships, although there were no problems reported at Katakolon port. Continue reading “Weather in April 2011 in Katakolon”

Queen Victoria at Katakolon port

A cruise ship with a royal name at Katakolon port!

The cruise ship Queen Victoria of Cunard Lines arrived a few days ago in Katakolon, carrying 1872 passengers. At the same time, two more cruise ships arrived at Katakolon port:

  • Seabourn Odyssey with 437 passengers
  • Splendour of the Seas with 1898 passengers
queen vistoria cruise ship
The cruise ship Queen Victoria of Cunard Lines

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Cruise Ships Arrivals at Katakolon Port in 2011

According to the schedule of the Maritime authorities in Katakolon, the arrivals of cruise ships in 2011 are: January : 7 February: 5 March 12 April: 40 May: 43 June:44 July:47 August: 53 September 52 October: 58 November:33 December:9 Numbers are showing us that the summer months and first months of fall are going to be extremely busy for Katakolon port, which is expected to … Continue reading Cruise Ships Arrivals at Katakolon Port in 2011

History of Katakolon

The history of Katakolon begins thousands of years ago. Katakolon is known since the ancient years with the name Pheia.

The Ancient town of Pheia was located at today’s Agios Andreas beach and was the second largest port in Elis after the port of Killini.

During the Homeric years, Katakolon had a castle close to Iardanos River that was used by the Athenians later, during their effort to conquer the entire region.

old picture of katakolon in 1840
Katakolon in 1840

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Statistics for Katakolon Port

Katakolon port seems to be a priceless treasure for Ileia (Elis) Prefecture and Greece in general.

Statistics for  the port of Katakolon give us enough information about the arrivals of tourists and cruise ships, since Katakolon has established itself as one of the main tourist destinations in the world, despite the financial crisis that has affected most parts of  every economic activity nowadays.

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Children chorus in Katakolon

The children chorus of Katakolon was founded 8 years ago, under the initiative of Katakolon priest, Mr Panagiotis Athanasopoulos and the chairman of the local cultural center, Mr Spiros Chionis.

A local music teacher, Mr Ioannis Machairas contributed heavily to the realization of the children chorus of Katakolon, as well as the artistic evolution of its members.

children chorus in katakolon

The most important goal was and is the participation in choirs with other choruses from different areas, and in concerts, offering its members the valuable experience of meeting other choirs, as well as music genres, always in a friendly competitive way.  Continue reading “Children chorus in Katakolon”

Video from Kourouta Beach at Katakolon

We found a video online showing the lovely colors of the sunset at Kourouta beach in Katakolon. Many visitors of Katakolon have loved the area and the beach of Kourouta due to its amazing landscape, and of course the gorgeous crystal clear blue waters of the Ionian sea that caress the shores and the beautiful Katakolon beaches. Whether visiting the are on your own, or … Continue reading Video from Kourouta Beach at Katakolon

Avoid scam when hiring a Katakolon Taxi

Being careful when hiring a Katakolon Taxi for a tour to the important sites in the region, is absolutely necessary to avoid scams or other problems that can ruin your time at Katakolon and the nearby area.

There have been some complaints made by tourists who have disembarked from cruise ships and hired a taxi at Katakolon as a means of transportation to other sites.

The two major problems that have occurred are the Katakolon taxi rates and the fact that taxi drivers are not licensed guides and they can not accompany you inside the archaeological sites and museums. Continue reading “Avoid scam when hiring a Katakolon Taxi”

Katakolon Castle

Katakolon  Castle is one of the sites you should visit when you find yourself at Katakolon.The ruins of the castle are located near the beach of Agios Andreas, north of Katakolon.

katakolon castle
The ruins of the castle of Katakolon

You will certainly hear about so many places at Katakolon and the nearby areas that are worth your time and visit, therefore it all depends on your personal preferences and time. But, since Katakolon Castle is located very close to the village, you will have enough time to pay a visit there as well, even if you have scheduled a visit to Olympia or any other site in the area of Elis.

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5 cruise ships at Katakolon port with 6500 passengers

5 cruise ships with 6500 passengers arrived on April 28th, 2011 at Katakolon port; another great day for the port of Katakolon, with thousands of tourists disembarking from some of the most important cruise ships that call at Mediterranean ports this tourist season. Despite the cold weather which has unexpectedly hit Greece and the Ionian sea these days, spring came to the port of Katakolon … Continue reading 5 cruise ships at Katakolon port with 6500 passengers

Weather in March 2011 in Katakolon

Weather in March 2011 in Katakolon has been relatively mild and sweet.

Usually in Greece March is an unpredictable month, with very nice and very rainy days at the same time. However, it seems that March weather in Katakolon was not as warm as expected from the first month of the spring, but milder in terms of rain, humidity and precipitation. Continue reading “Weather in March 2011 in Katakolon”

Katakolon beaches

Katakolon beaches offer a great alternative if you wish to spend some time at the sea and relax from the trip.

Beaches in Katakolon start from the right end of the town, stretching around the Kyparissian Gulf for many kilometers.

Plakes beach in Katakolon

katakolo beach plakesPhoto by Dennis Hansen
Plakes beach in Katakolon

You can reach the main beach in Katakolon, called Plakes, easily from the port in the case you come to Katakolo in a cruise ship, or from the main national road when you come by car. Continue reading “Katakolon beaches”

Chlemoutsi Castle

Chlemoutsi Castle is located near Katakolon and it is visited by many tourists each year, who want to admire its medieval architecture and the views to the surrounding area.

History of Chlemoutsi Castle

Chlemoutsi has a rather long and colorful history; it was founded by the Prince of Franks Geoffrey I Villehardouin in 1220 and changed many hands throughout the centuries. The castle passed from the Franks to the Catalans, the Turks, the Venetians, the Franks and Turks again and so on.

Chlemoutsi castle

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Mercouri Winery

Visit Mercoury Winery from Katakolon

If you find yourself in Katakolon, whether visiting the area on your own or with a cruise ship, you should not miss the chance to visit Mercouri winery, which is just a few kilometers away from Katakolon.

Mercouri Winery is a working farm established by Theodore Mercouri and has been family owned and operated for 150  years. It is located at a breathtakingly beautiful area, which is stunningly landscaped.

Mercouri winery stands out due to the high quality and originality of the wines produced there.

mercouri winery katakolon
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400 Cruise Ships at Katakolon Port in 2011

Katakolon port has proved to be one of the busiest ports of call for cruise ships in the Mediterranean this year. Expecting more than 400 cruise ships at Katakolon port in 2011, the signs for the tourist season at the Western part of Greece are more than optimistic and comforting. Some of the cruise ships mooring at Katakolon port are luxurious and immense, carrying more … Continue reading 400 Cruise Ships at Katakolon Port in 2011

Oil in Katakolon

Scientists have started exploring the Ionian Sea and Western Greece for oil, thinking that there is a strong possibility to find sources of oil in Katakolon and other seaside areas in Western Greece.

According to a recent study, scientists think that finding oil in this part of Greece is not only possible, but also a rather more plausible solution, since the western part of the country does not have any “red zones” or claims by neighboring countries – as it happens with the Aegean Sea. Continue reading “Oil in Katakolon”

Tourist found dead on a cruise ship at Katakolon

A tourist was found dead on a cruise ship that called in Katakolon a couple of days ago. The passenger of the cruise ship Coral, with a flag from Malta, was German, 75 years old, and passed away on the cruise ship. The cause of death is yet unidentified, since the passenger was transported to the coronary officials for further examination.

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