Katakolon Greece

Katakolon in Greece is a lovely port in the Peloponnese Peninsula in South Greece, in the municipality of Pyrgos.

Katakolon is a small village that serves as the sea gate to the famous site of Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Hundreds of cruise ships arrive to Katakolon Port every year, giving their passengers the chance to visit Katakolon, which has become the second busiest port of call for cruise ships in Greece after Piraeus.


katakolon village

Katakolon is a small town with almost 700 permanent residents. Although it has always been an important port with a long history, it has started developing just the last few years.

Numerous taverns and shops opened in Katakolon to offer the visitors anything they might need during their stay.

The pedestrianized seaside street of Katakolon is an ideal promenade, but also a great place to sit and enjoy seafood and Greek ouzo at the infamous restaurants of the village, serving fresh fish and salads.

For those interested in seeing more than the most touristy roads of Katakolon, a little stroll in the less frequent streets is a perfect idea. These streets are nice for those who wish to take pictures of small houses with well appointed gardens, that remind of the simplicity and charm of this seaside fish village.

cruise ship in Katakolon

Before boarding again on the cruise ships, most visitors pay a visit to the local shops to buy all sorts of souvenirs, Greek artifacts, ancient replicas or leather items.

For those interested in wine tasting, a visit to the nearby Mercouri Estate is mandatory. Mercouri winery is one of the most important wineries in Greece, famous for the amazing flavors and tastes of the wines, olives and Corinthian grapes produced there.

Those interested in history should plan a visit to the well-preserved Medieval Castle of Chlemoutsi or the ruins of the Katakolon Castle.

Ancient Olympia and Katakolon

Ancient Olympia

Just a few kilometers away from Katakolon (33km) lies the ancient site of Ancient Olympia, the cradle of the Olympic Games.

Ancient Olympia is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world and a major attraction in the region and Greece, receiving thousands of tourists every year.

In Olympia, visitors have the chance to see the exact place where the first Olympic Games in history took place, along with the archaeological site, the Museums of the Ancient and Modern Olympic Games. Visitors can also take a walk in the town of Olympia, which is a lovely quiet town, with lush greenery and truly hospitable people.

Many of the shops in the area are designed to serve foreign tourists who come in abundance, due to the significance of the site in world history, therefore, you are most likely to find anything you might want.

From Katakolon to Olympia

If you wish to visit ancient Olympia or any of the surrounding areas in Katakolon, your best option is  Katakolon Taxi because it allows you to avoid long lines and packed buses, and enjoy a private tour in Katakolon and Olympia.

You can reserve a taxi in advance, which will be waiting for you at the port and will take you directly to your destination in the most convenient and hassle free way. Katakolon Taxi offers non smoking, clean and comfortable vehicles and an English speaking professional taxi driver.

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