A cruise to Katakolon and Olympia

A cruise to Katakolon and Olympia is probably among the best ways to spend your holidays in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Cruise Ship Katakolon

Katakolon is one of the major destinations in Greece and the Mediterranean Sea, since it is the main sea-gate to Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Continue reading “A cruise to Katakolon and Olympia”


The Temple of Apollo Epicurius

Katakolon port is an excellent gate to the Temple of Apollo Epicurius, which is one of the most important Ancient temples in Western Greece.

Temple of Apollo Epicurius
Temple of Apollo Epicurius

The Temple of Apollo Epicurius was built between 420-400BC by Iktinos, one of the two architects of the Parthenon of Athens. The Temple of Apollo is located 80 km away from Olympia and 7km away from Figalia, on the rocky area of Bassai.

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Archaeological Museum of Olympia

The Archaeological Museum of Olympia is one of the major museums in Greece, and an absolute must see when you disembark from your cruise ship to Katakolon port.

The Archaeological Museum of Olympia was completed in 1975 and the inauguration of the museum took place in 1982. A new archaeological museum to house the treasures of the Sanctuary of Olympia became inevitable with the damage from the 1954 earthquake and with the accumulation of so many findings from the excavations in Altis. The building was expanded and renovated for the Olympic Games of Athens in 2004, and many more exhibits were brought to the museum.

Archaeological museum of Olympia

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Museum of Olympic Games History in Olympia

If you decide to visit Olympia from Katakolon, you will probably visit the Museum of Olympic Games History in Olympia, one of the most significant museums in the world.

Museum of history of Ancient Olympics

The museum is located at the northwest part of the sanctuary of Zeus, only 400meters away from the center of Olympia, just a few meters from the bridge over River Kladeos, and the entrance to the main site of Olympia.

The entrance to the museum is free, and you will need approximately half an hour to explore it. Continue reading “Museum of Olympic Games History in Olympia”

Katakolon travel distances

If you intend to travel to Katakolon or if you are already at Katakolon with a cruise ship, you should probably know what are the travel distances between several places.

Usually the first destination from Katakolon is Olympia and its archaeological site, which is located 37km away from Katakolon port. The road is great though, so you will need approximately 20 minutes  to reach the site. In the case you choose to travel there by taxi or a rental car, you will need even less time. Continue reading “Katakolon travel distances”

Avoid scam when hiring a Katakolon Taxi

Being careful when hiring a Katakolon Taxi for a tour to the important sites in the region, is absolutely necessary to avoid scams or other problems that can ruin your time at Katakolon and the nearby area.

There have been some complaints made by tourists who have disembarked from cruise ships and hired a taxi at Katakolon as a means of transportation to other sites.

The two major problems that have occurred are the Katakolon taxi rates and the fact that taxi drivers are not licensed guides and they can not accompany you inside the archaeological sites and museums. Continue reading “Avoid scam when hiring a Katakolon Taxi”

Katakolon Castle

Katakolon  Castle is one of the sites you should visit when you find yourself at Katakolon.The ruins of the castle are located near the beach of Agios Andreas, north of Katakolon.

katakolon castle
The ruins of the castle of Katakolon

You will certainly hear about so many places at Katakolon and the nearby areas that are worth your time and visit, therefore it all depends on your personal preferences and time. But, since Katakolon Castle is located very close to the village, you will have enough time to pay a visit there as well, even if you have scheduled a visit to Olympia or any other site in the area of Elis.

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Katakolon beaches

Katakolon beaches offer a great alternative if you wish to spend some time at the sea and relax from the trip.

Beaches in Katakolon start from the right end of the town, stretching around the Kyparissian Gulf for many kilometers.

Plakes beach in Katakolon

katakolo beach plakesPhoto by Dennis Hansen
Plakes beach in Katakolon

You can reach the main beach in Katakolon, called Plakes, easily from the port in the case you come to Katakolo in a cruise ship, or from the main national road when you come by car. Continue reading “Katakolon beaches”

Chlemoutsi Castle

Chlemoutsi Castle is located near Katakolon and it is visited by many tourists each year, who want to admire its medieval architecture and the views to the surrounding area.

History of Chlemoutsi Castle

Chlemoutsi has a rather long and colorful history; it was founded by the Prince of Franks Geoffrey I Villehardouin in 1220 and changed many hands throughout the centuries. The castle passed from the Franks to the Catalans, the Turks, the Venetians, the Franks and Turks again and so on.

Chlemoutsi castle

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Mercouri Winery

Visit Mercoury Winery from Katakolon

If you find yourself in Katakolon, whether visiting the area on your own or with a cruise ship, you should not miss the chance to visit Mercouri winery, which is just a few kilometers away from Katakolon.

Mercouri Winery is a working farm established by Theodore Mercouri and has been family owned and operated for 150  years. It is located at a breathtakingly beautiful area, which is stunningly landscaped.

Mercouri winery stands out due to the high quality and originality of the wines produced there.

mercouri winery katakolon
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Ancient Olympia

Visit Ancient Olympia from Katakolon

Katakolon Port serves as the main sea-gate to Olympia, one of the most important sites in Greece. With all the pine and olive groves, the imposing remains of the temples and the stunning stadium of the Games, Ancient Olympia stands as one of the most important archaeological sites in the world.

Ancient Olympia and Olympic Games

Known as the birth place of the Olympic Games, Olympia hosts and receives thousands of tourists every year; tourists eager to see the actual spot where the most important games where born and held.

And still today every four years, Olympia becomes the epicenter of attention, when the Greek priestesses invoke God Apollo to send his divine light to the world – the Flame of the Olympics.

ancient olympia
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Museum of Ancient Greek Technology in Katakolon

The Museum of Ancient Greek Technology in Katakolon is a small museum founded by Kostas Kotsanas.

The Museum of Ancient Greek Technology is located at a close proximity to the main port of Katakolon, almost 500m away from the mooring area. It is a small museum that houses a collection of inventions made by Greeks from 2000 to 1000 BC. Continue reading “Museum of Ancient Greek Technology in Katakolon”