Luxurious cruise ships meet at Katakolon

Two of the most luxurious cruise ships of the world met at Katakolon port these days. The Nieuw Amsterdam and the Noordam of Holland America met at the port on July 24 and one of the passengers took some pictures of the “elegant” meeting. Nieuw Amsterdam and Noordam are among the largest and most luxurious cruise ships that sail the Mediterranean this season, carrying more than 2000 passengers … Continue reading Luxurious cruise ships meet at Katakolon

fishing boats at katakolon

Fishing boats at Katakolon port

A photo by Jason with fishing boats at Katakolon port; Katakolon is becoming one of the most important ports of call in Greece for cruise ships and tourists, but it’s still a lovely, picturesque fishing village in Western Greece. Continue reading “Fishing boats at Katakolon port”

The torch relay of 1948 at Katakolon

Historical records show us that Katakolon played its role in the torch relay for the Olympic Games in 1948 that were held by London.

First of all, there was a huge debate on whether the torch relay should take place at all, since the second World War had just ended, and some people were expressing their concern on retaining the concept, since there were some links between the Nazi propaganda and the torch.

The Flame at Olympia 1948

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Video from Kourouta Beach at Katakolon

We found a video online showing the lovely colors of the sunset at Kourouta beach in Katakolon. Many visitors of Katakolon have loved the area and the beach of Kourouta due to its amazing landscape, and of course the gorgeous crystal clear blue waters of the Ionian sea that caress the shores and the beautiful Katakolon beaches. Whether visiting the are on your own, or … Continue reading Video from Kourouta Beach at Katakolon