Great revenues for Katakolon from cruises

Although Greece is going through a terrible financial turmoil, it seems that Katakolon is getting great revenues from cruises this year.

It has been already stated that Katakolon has become the second busiest port of call for cruise ships in Greece after Santorini, and practice shows that indeed the cruises have seriously supported Greek tourism this year.

Santorini is the port of call for 1000 cruise ships this year, while Katakolon is receiving more than 400 ships, bringing 1.6 million tourists to Katakolon and Olympia.

It is considered that the overall number of passengers that will disembark at one – at least – of the Greek ports is approximately 5-6 million, which translates to an 18% increase compared to 2010.

It is estimated that each passenger spends approximately 50-70 euros at every port of call, therefore the revenues for Katakolon will be more than 2 million euros.

This amount of money could be even higher if Katakolon port was a little bit more organized and expanded so as to play the role of home porting (which means that the cruise passengers could start and end their cruise at Katakolon). Home porting is associated with even greater revenues, because most passengers spend at least one day before and after the cruise at the home porting city.

The mayor of Katakolon and the Nomarch of the Ilia Prefecture are increasing their demands on the amelioration of the conditions at the port and the enhancement of port facilities at Katakolon port.