Caretta-Caretta sea turtles at Katakolon

A surprising birth at Katakolon was the news of the week for the thousands of tourists and locals of the area.

It is known that Katakolon beaches are sandy and hospitable for sea turtles, but a few days ago those who were close to Sykia beach at Katakolon saw tens of small sea turtles of the caretta-caretta species popping out of the sand and walking fastly towards… the village!

Usually baby turtles go towards the sea, but a large column of electrical light seemed to cause disorientation to the little ones that started moving towards the opposite direction of the sea.

Thankfully, a group of the NGO Rommel was informed on the event promptly and arrived on spot fast enough to save the baby turtles.

Showing admirable care and attention they gathered as many as they found and led them to the sea, allowing them to find the right way this time. According to their further research it seems that the birth took place in late June and the babies were ready to leave the sand in early September.

Another thing that should be denoted is that the NGO members asked the owner of a nearby beach club to turn some lights off and reduce the music volume so as to prevent further problems for the turtles. The owner accepted happily to help.

The members of the NGO noted that the sea turtles had given birth to babies in 2007 as well, so it is most likely that they remembered this place and came back to give birth to the new ones, although this place of the Katakolon Gulf is relatively crowded and noisy for the turtles.