Weather in August 2011 in Katakolon

Weather in Katakolon in August 2011 was warm and dry. The temperatures were quite high but somewhat lower compared to the temperatures in August 2010. The average high was 30C, but there was no  rain at all this month. 

The highest temperature in Katakolon in August was 30 C, while the lowest was just 19.9 C during the night.

It is important to mention here that usually in Greece, July is a much warmer month compared to August, since in August there are the famous summer winds called meltemia that usually cause the temperature to drop a little.

The bigger problem associated with meltemia is that they can be quite strong making the life of tourists, who want to travel to the islands and seaside areas difficult.

However, Katakolon is located in the Ionian Sea, where winds are much milder compared to the Aegean Sea. In August the winds were indeed stronger compared to July, but not that strong to cause problems to the cruise ships.

Although not the warmest August in history of Katakolon, it was still one of the warmest months, with some consecutive days of more than 27C.

Data for weather in Katakolon in August 2011

Average temperature: 25.2 C / 77.36 ºF
Highest temperature: 30 C / 86 ºF
Average High Temperature: 28.2C / 82.75 ºF
Lowest temperature: 19.9 C / 67.82 ºF
Average Low Temperature: 21.9 C / 71.42 ºF
Rainy days: 0