Businessmen from Zante move to Katakolon

The tourist development of Katakolon and the hundreds of thousands of tourists that arrive to Katakolon port during the tourist season 2011, along with the expectations for an even better season in 2012 has urged many businessmen from the island of Zante (Zakynthos) to move to Katakolon.

Most of them are business investors who wish to invest their money on something lucrative. They have stores, restaurants, bars and other business activities in Zante, but now they are considering moving to Katakolon, due to the increasingly developing facilities and amenities in the area.

The lack of docking facilities for cruise ships in Zante doesn’t allow the island to earn money from the sea tourism. The port of Katakolon, on the other hand, is the busiest Greek port for cruise ships in Greece after Piraeus and receives thousands of tourists every day.

Locals suggest that during the summer months the streets of Katakolon are flooded with tourists; in addition to that, there are numerous developing projects to be executed the following months in Katakolon, making the area even more appealing to the cruise ships and sea travelers.

All these have attracted the attention of businessmen and investors from several Ionian Islands, and mostly from Zante who are thinking to open new stores and dining outlets in the area, enhancing the local economy, but also finding a solution to their increasing problems in Zante.