Special reception for cruise ships at Katakolon port

A special reception for cruise ships at Katakolon port has been organized by local unions and organizations of Ilia prefecture.

The reception of the cruise ships and their passengers will take place in order to thank the tourists for their preference in cruising in the Mediterranean and Greece and on the occasion of the arrival of the Costa Favolosa, the new cruise ship of Costa Cruises, which has set on its first cruise.

The Costa Favolosa sailed on July 6th for its maiden voyage after a spectacular show that took place for its naming and breaking of the bottle in Trieste Italy.

Costa Favolosa will be sailing for 7-night voyages this summer out of Venice to:

  • Bari, Italy
  • Katakolon, Greece
  • Izmir and Istanbul in Turkey
  • Dubrovnik in Croatia

The people of Katakolon are more than pleased since 2011, Katakolon Port is becoming one of the most important and busy ports in the Mediterranean, receiving thousands of passengers in the most luxurious cruise ships in Europe.

It comes as no surprise that all the new cruise ships set to sail the Med will be calling at Katakolon port this summer, bringing more tourists and more glam to the beautiful port of Katakolon and Olympia.

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