A cruise to Katakolon and Olympia

A cruise to Katakolon and Olympia is probably among the best ways to spend your holidays in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Cruise Ship Katakolon

Katakolon is one of the major destinations in Greece and the Mediterranean Sea, since it is the main sea-gate to Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

Cruise to Katakolon and Olympia

Most cruise companies in Europe have 7 day cruises to Katakolon, starting from Italy or Spain. As the cruise moves towards the eastern Mediterranean, you will be entering the Ionian Sea and you will be berthing at Katakolon port in South Greece.

The port of Katakolon might seem to you as if it’s a small and quiet seaside village, but once the tourists of the cruise ships start disembarking, Katakolon becomes vibrantly vivid and alive.  The feeling is completely different; you cannot help it but feel that you are entering into another place and time.

Cruise ships arrive to Katakolon either in the morning or noon and leave late in the afternoon, allowing their passengers to visit Olympia and enjoy a lovely sunset at one of the gorgeous beaches near Katakolon.

kourouta beach katakolon

When at Katakolon you can either visit the Archaeological site of Ancient Olympia or some of the other nearby popular places, such as the Chlemoutsi Castle or the Mercouri Winery.

Otherwise, you can spend all day in the seafood restaurants and coffee shops available on the seaside promenade enjoying the refreshing and rejuvenating sea breeze. Enjoying your lunch in a Greek restaurant in Katakolon is definitely a great idea!

However, do not forget to return to your cruise ship on time – no matter how much you have paid for your cruise, the cruise ship is not going to wait for possible errant passengers.

Shore Excursions at Katakolon

When at Katakolon you have several options regarding the shore excursions. You can either spend some time ashore individually doing anything you want, or buy the shore excursions from your cruise ship.

If, however, you do not feel like following the strict schedule of the boat, you can arrange your own customized private tour with a Katakolon Taxi. It all depends on what you want to do and how flexible you want to be.

Keep in mind that the taxi fare can be arranged depending on the sites you wish to visit and the hours you wish to spend ashore. However, be cautious for possible frauds.

Enjoy the Mediterranean Sea with a cruise to Katakolon

The port of Katakolon has become famous through the numerous Mediterranean cruise lines that decided to put the Ionian Sea and Olympia on  the cruise map, responding to the needs and demands of the tourists.

A cruise to Katakolon and Olympia is definitely one of the best ways to spend your time in the summer or early fall.

After all, the Ionian sea is famous for its calmness and hospitality, therefore you can buy your cruise to Katakolon and the Med even in November, without dealing with hurricanes and other hostile weather conditions.