30 Beauty Queens at Katakolon

30 beauty queens made an impressive appearance at Katakolon port, preparing for the beauty contest Miss tourism International 2011 that takes place in the Peloponnese in mid July 2011.

The contestants from 30 different countries made a huge impression on the locals and visitors of Katakolon, not only because they were gorgeous but also because they were very gentle and open with their admirers, who, as expected, approached them to take pictures and talk with the beautiful girls.

The 30 contestants arrived at Katakolon on a private yacht, and embarked on the private yacht of the Mayor of Ithaka, heading to the gorgeous island of the Ionian Sea to be photographed for the upcoming contest. It is the first time in the history of the contest that Iran is sending a contestant too.

The Greek authorities of Katakolon and the nearby areas consider this contest an excellent chance to advertise the beauties of the landscape and the overall region, and have been organizing a series of events and shows on the occasion of the international contest, trying to boost the local tourism even more.