Weather in Katakolon in May 2011

Weather in Katakolon in May 2011 has been quite mild and friendly to the numerous tourists and visitors that came to the area of Katakolon and Olympia, either on a cruise ship or by car and bus.

Most of the days in Katakolon were warm but not hot, and quite normal for this time of the year, with cooler evenings and nights that allowed everyone enjoy swimming during the day and an evening out for drinks.

There were only 2 days of rain, while the winds were mostly N-NW, but relatively mild and slow, although there were a few days with stronger winds, that did not cause any trouble to the cruise ships approaching Katakolon though.

Data for weather in Katakolon in March 2011

Average temperature: 19.0 C / 66.2 ºF
Highest temperature: 26.9 C / 80.42 ºF
Average High Temperature: 22.2 C / 71.96 ºF
Lowest temperature: 12.8 C / 55.04 ºF
Average Low Temperature: 15.9 C / 60.62 ºF
Rainy days: 2