Trapped boat with illegal cigarettes at Katakolon

boat illegal cigarettes katakolon greeceA boat carrying illegal cigarettes was trapped close to Katakolon port, at Thines beach.

The boat “Shenyang Ι of Tongo” was carrying 120 boxes of illegal cigarettes and banked close to the beach a few days ago.

According to the officials, the boat with 6 crew members had stranded on sandy shallow deep, but was driven towards the shore due to a change in winds that were 5-6Bf.

At first, the officials asked for the assistance of a tug boat, but it could not approach the boat on the danger to get stranded as well.

Shenyang Ι was guarded all night long by the port authorities for safety reasons, and the next morning it was brought to the port of Katakolon. The members of the crew were brought to the preliminary inquiry to testify.

The captain of the boat suggested that the boat left Montenegro to Turkey without any load. However, the authorities managed to find well hidden boxes with illegal and smuggled cigarettes in the storage room of the boat.