fishing boats at katakolon

Fishing boats at Katakolon port

A photo by Jason with fishing boats at Katakolon port; Katakolon is becoming one of the most important ports of call in Greece for cruise ships and tourists, but it’s still a lovely, picturesque fishing village in Western Greece.


Once upon a time, locals used to support themselves only by fishing, which is a tradition for the small village of Katakolon. Later, though, when tourism entered their lives, tourists became the priority of the locals, who never forgot about fishing though.

Still today, the professional fishermen leave early in the morning with their boats, and when they return they bring fresh fish and seafood to Katakolon and its restaurants. This is the main reason why Katakolon is also famous for the quality of the seafood served at its taverns and seaside restaurants.

If you visit Katakolon this summer, sit by the port or the beach, order fresh fish and drink a little bit of ouzo cheering to the local fishermen who cater for your dishes.