Funds for the development of Katakolon Port

The much awaited funds for the the development of Katakolon port will be soon given to the officials who will undertake the projects for the amelioration of the facilities at the port and the surrounding areas, according to the minister of culture, Mr Geroulanos, who has recently visited the cities of Patras and Pyrgos.

Mr Geroulanos suggested that Greece has received a grant for development projects by the European Union and a part of that will be given for the development of Katakolon port, since lately it has become one of the most important ports of call for cruise ships in the Mediterranean. After all, tourism is the most important source of income not only for Katakolon, but also for Greece, and this year cruises are bringing millions of tourists to the Greek ports and islands, supporting the local economy.

As it has been denoted many times so far, Katakolon port needs further development, since the current conditions are not favorable for the increased numbers of cruise ships and tourists arriving there every day.

Since Katakolon will be hosting more than a million tourists this season, some problems related to the limited facilities of the port might occur, therefore, the local authorities and officials are determined to solve the problems as soon as possible, making sure that the next tourist season in 2012 will start without any potential problems for cruise ships and tourists.

According to Mr Geroulanos more than 12 million euros will be given to the authorities of Western Greece and Peloponnese, for the fulfillment of the planned projects in the wider area. The Minister also said that these projects need to be completed soon, because Katakolon is one of the most important ports in Greece, and the main gateway for numerous sites in Western Greece, such as Ancient Olympia and the Temple of Apollo Epicurius.