Archaeological Museum of Olympia

The Archaeological Museum of Olympia is one of the major museums in Greece, and an absolute must see when you disembark from your cruise ship to Katakolon port.

The Archaeological Museum of Olympia was completed in 1975 and the inauguration of the museum took place in 1982. A new archaeological museum to house the treasures of the Sanctuary of Olympia became inevitable with the damage from the 1954 earthquake and with the accumulation of so many findings from the excavations in Altis. The building was expanded and renovated for the Olympic Games of Athens in 2004, and many more exhibits were brought to the museum.

Archaeological museum of Olympia

The museum is located almost 300m from the center of the village, and is connected to the town of Olympia with the bridge over River Kladeos. It is just 4 minutes away from Ancient Olympia, and is housing the treasures of the Olympia Sanctuary, and all the finds from the Altis excavations.

Collections and Exhibitions in the Archaeological Museum of Olympia

The permanent exhibition and collection of the Archaeological Museum of Olympia includes some of the most important artifacts and statues of ancient Greece. The visitors are introduced to the history of the Pan hellenic sanctuary from the Bronze age to the 6-7th century AD. Visitors can see the metopes of the Temple of Zeus, the statue of Paionion Nike, Hermes of Praxiteles, as well as artifacts from the bronze collection.

The signs in the museum are in three languages, Greek, English and German. You will need about an hour and a half to visit the Museum in full.

Entrance to the museum of Olympia

  • The entrance fee to the museum of Olympia costs 6 euros (in 2011), but you can also buy a combined ticked, that includes the archaeological site as well, for 9 euros.
  • Children and adolescents up to 18 can enter the museum for free; same for students that carry their student card with them.
  • Senior citizens can also pay half the price of the ticket

Tip: You can combine the visit to the archaeological museum of Olympia with a visit to the museum of the Olympic Games.