Museum of Olympic Games History in Olympia

If you decide to visit Olympia from Katakolon, you will probably visit the Museum of Olympic Games History in Olympia, one of the most significant museums in the world.

Museum of history of Ancient Olympics

The museum is located at the northwest part of the sanctuary of Zeus, only 400meters away from the center of Olympia, just a few meters from the bridge over River Kladeos, and the entrance to the main site of Olympia.

The entrance to the museum is free, and you will need approximately half an hour to explore it.

History of the Museum of Olympic Games

The museum was designed by two German architects, F.Adler and W. Doerpefeld whose names are associated with the excavations in Olympia. The construction of the museum finished in 1888.

This is the oldest regional museum in Greece. It was damaged by a strong earthquake that struck this area in 1954, and remained closed when the Archaeological museum of Olympia was constructed.

Later on, it was renovated completely, and opened its gates a little before the Athens Olympics 2004. Since then it has been serving as the Museum of the Ancient Olympic Games and is open the same hours as the New Archaeological museum of Olympia.

The Ephoreion of Olympia

Next to the museum of ancient Olympic games, you can see the the Ephoreion, which was the residence of the Ephoros and the archaeologists who have been working on the excavations on the site.

Since 2004, this building serves as an exhibition center for the history of the excavations with photographs and other visual material that can help the visitors understand the history of the excavations in Olympia, as well as the treatment of the findings. After all, this was one of the earliest systematic efforts of excavations in Greece, along with the ones at Mycenae and Dipylon.

Visit the Museum of Olympic Games from Katakolon

You can easily get from Katakolon to Olympia and the Museum of Olympic Games with by taxi, by train, with a rental car or with a bus tour. The distance of Katakolon from Olympia is 23 miles.