Strofades islands at Katakolon

Strofades islands are two small islands in the heart of the Ionian sea, outside the shores of Katakolon. They are located almost 20 miles away from Katakolon and are part of Zante Municipality.

Strofades islands can be translated to “rotating islands” in Greek.

Stamfani Island

strofades islandsAlthough both islands are uninhabited, the larger of the two, the island of Stamfani houses just one resident, a monk who lives in an old monastery, the only building found on the islands.

It is the monastery of Panagia Pantoharas and it was built in 1241 during the Byzantine Era. According to historical reports, the Patriarch of Constantinople Grigorios the 5th was a monk there, as well as Agios Dionisios (St Denis). His grave is located in the monastery.

There is also a medieval castle on the island of Stamfani, that is in great condition despite the abandonment and the centuries that have passed since it was built.

Arpia Island

The smaller island is called Arpia and it is considered to be the dwelling island of the mythical Harpies, the winged spirits of Greek mythology.

The Strofades islands are rocky and non vegetated, but there is a presence of birds such as the migratory passerines, turtle doves and shearwater birds.

Boat tours to Strofades Islands

When at Katakolon during summer, you will have the chance to visit the islands since there are small boats that take you on a visit tour to Strofades islands for 3-4hours. You can ask the locals or the port authorities at Katakolon for additional information on departures and excursions to these small islands.