Dawn over Katakolon

An image of a breathtaking dawn over Katakolon; when the cruise ships arrive at Katakolon port it’s still very early in the morning. The dawn is just about to break, creating gorgeous colors over the sky.

dawn over katakolonPhoto by Keith Richardson
dawn over katakolon

Even if you are not the morning type, the spectacular sunrise and the glorious horizon over Katakolon will take your grogginess away,as you will be arriving to the port, getting ready to step foot on the shores of Western Greece and visiting the important archaeological sites of Olympia and the Games.

A few minutes of awing over the glowing sun that rises over the Ionian waters and you are guaranteed to begin your day in the most memorable way. The colors of the sea, sky and shores change minute by minute.

Make sure that you have your camera with you to capture the colorful shores and rocks of the Katakolon port.