Statistics for Katakolon Port

Katakolon port seems to be a priceless treasure for Ileia (Elis) Prefecture and Greece in general.

Statistics for  the port of Katakolon give us enough information about the arrivals of tourists and cruise ships, since Katakolon has established itself as one of the main tourist destinations in the world, despite the financial crisis that has affected most parts of  every economic activity nowadays.

The numbers of the last few years cannot be ignored. What is most important though is the fact that these numbers are increasing year by year, while the predictions for 2011 are extremely optimistic.

Statistics for Katakolon Port from 2006-2010

  • 250 cruise ships with 390,011 passengers visited Katakolon in 2006
  • 279 cruise ships with 504,944 passengers visited Katakolon in 2007
  • 323 cruise ships with 650,069 passengers visited the port of Katakolon in 2008
  • 312 cruise ships with 650,069 passengers visited Katakolon port in 2009
  • 365 ships with 948,000 passengers visited Katakolon in 2010

The crew members of the cruise ships that visit Katakolon each year are almost 150,000.

In 2011 there will be an increase of almost 20% compared to 2010. Especially this year, which is one of the hardest years for the Greek economy, tourism plays a very important role for the local economy.

According to the research made by the Greek National Statistic Service every tourist that disembarks at Katakolon spends at least 67€ for transportation, food, museums, purchases and other things. For the year 2009 that meant 648.482 passengers Χ 67,00 € = 43,448,294 €. No other activity offers such amounts of money within such a short period of time.

It is estimated that more than 400 cruise ships – according to the reservations and bookings so far – will use Katakolon port as their port of call in 2011, with more than a million tourists disembarking at Katakolon and the nearby areas. It is also estimated that 20% of the passengers use Katakolon as their only destination in Greece during their vacation time.

In general, May and October are the busiest months for the tourist season in Greece.

Various projects are planned for Katakolon port, aiming at facilitating the cruise ships’ mooring, and at the enhancement of facilities and amenities at the port.

Katakolon Port is one of the oldest ports in Greece and today, as the long history of Katakolon proves.

The cruise port of Katakolon has become the number 1 tourist port in Greece for cruise ships and passengers. It is the main seagate that serves one of the most renowned and popular archaeological sites in the world, Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic games.