Children chorus in Katakolon

The children chorus of Katakolon was founded 8 years ago, under the initiative of Katakolon priest, Mr Panagiotis Athanasopoulos and the chairman of the local cultural center, Mr Spiros Chionis.

A local music teacher, Mr Ioannis Machairas contributed heavily to the realization of the children chorus of Katakolon, as well as the artistic evolution of its members.

children chorus in katakolon

The most important goal was and is the participation in choirs with other choruses from different areas, and in concerts, offering its members the valuable experience of meeting other choirs, as well as music genres, always in a friendly competitive way. 

The Chorus of Katakolon is supported by the Municipality of Pyrgos and has participated so far in numerous concerts in Katakolon and Olympia, as well as the open amphitheater of Flokas, close to Olympia.

Each year on August 24th the chorus is giving an open concert in Katakolon, to celebrate the anniversary its foundation.

Both in 2009 and 2010, the chorus gave a concert at the central square of Katakolon, with the participation of numerous locals.

In 2010, the main theme of the concert was the music and songs from the Greek movies and cinema, which are so renowned and beloved to all Greeks.

The children chorus of Katakolon has participated in many concerts in the Peloponnese Peninsula, mostly in Greek nights celebrating Greek music, as well as our great composers and lyricists.