Avoid scam when hiring a Katakolon Taxi

Being careful when hiring a Katakolon Taxi for a tour to the important sites in the region, is absolutely necessary to avoid scams or other problems that can ruin your time at Katakolon and the nearby area.

There have been some complaints made by tourists who have disembarked from cruise ships and hired a taxi at Katakolon as a means of transportation to other sites.

The two major problems that have occurred are the Katakolon taxi rates and the fact that taxi drivers are not licensed guides and they can not accompany you inside the archaeological sites and museums.

Taxi rates at Katakolon

In some cases, tourists have complaint about high rates for tours to Ancient Olympia, Chlemoutsi Castle or Mercoury Winery near Katakolon.

Under no circumstances we would like to impute, or even denigrate the taxi professionals that work in Katakolon and elsewhere, but as in every field, there are always some people who discredit their own guild. This happens at Katakolon as well; make sure that you read about prices and rates before hiring a taxi in Katakolon.

Mr Giannis Arvanitakis of Athens Taxi has informed us about rates of taxi tours from Katakolon to Olympia in 2011:

  • A half day tour which includes Ancient Olympia, the archaeological site and a visit to Mercouri Winery, usually lasts 5 hours and costs €150 per tour
  • The full day tours which includes a visit to Chlemoutsi Castle costs approximately €250 per tour. Since a taxi can carry up to 4 passengers, the average cost per person for a full-day tour in Katakolon is 60 Euro

Obviously, rates might be different from taxi service to another, but if rates are much higher than that, you should probably be careful.

Guided tours in Olympia

When hiring a taxi, you should always be careful when it comes to guided or not guided tours. A taxi driver might be a professional and fully licensed driver, but he is NOT a tour guide, therefore, he cannot accompany you inside the archeological site of Olympia or the museum.

Most taxi services offer you the chance to choose a guided or a non guided Katakolon tour. The price for the guided tour includes hiring an official local tour guide, who has a license and can come with you in the site, giving you all the historical details needed.

These small details ensure that you will not pay too much money when visiting Katakolon and the nearby areas, and that you will make the most of your Olympia tours at affordable prices.