Katakolon Castle

Katakolon  Castle is one of the sites you should visit when you find yourself at Katakolon.The ruins of the castle are located near the beach of Agios Andreas, north of Katakolon.

katakolon castle
The ruins of the castle of Katakolon

You will certainly hear about so many places at Katakolon and the nearby areas that are worth your time and visit, therefore it all depends on your personal preferences and time. But, since Katakolon Castle is located very close to the village, you will have enough time to pay a visit there as well, even if you have scheduled a visit to Olympia or any other site in the area of Elis.

The Castle of Katakolon is one of the most interesting and intriguing parts of Katakolon that you should definitely see, and it is an important part of the history of Katakolon.

The castle is called Pontikokastro (mouse castle) due to its shape.

History of Katakolon Castle

The castle was built with the use of parts of the Acropolis of Pheia and the remains of ancient Greek buildings. It was constructed during the Byzantine Period by the Villeardouin and then by the Franks during the 13th century.

The Franks named it Beau Voir or Belvedere, due to the amazing views it offers to the village and the Ionian Coast. Just a few minutes at the top of the hill will persuade you that the name of the castle could not be more realistic, since the view is unique.

The castle of Katakolo is not as well preserved as Chlemoutsi Castle and you can see just a small part of the original fortification.

Visit the castle of Katakolon to enjoy the view to the Ionian Sea

From the ruins of the castle of Katakolon you will see the Gulf of Kyparissia, the endless blue of the Ionian sea towards Zante and Cephallonia. Our suggestion would be to climb on the hill and the Castle to enjoy the sunset, which is absolutely splendid.

If you have enough time you should not miss the chance to see the castle of Katakolon; you will need just 10 minutes to get there by taxi!