Katakolon beaches

Katakolon beaches offer a great alternative if you wish to spend some time at the sea and relax from the trip.

Beaches in Katakolon start from the right end of the town, stretching around the Kyparissian Gulf for many kilometers.

Plakes beach in Katakolon

katakolo beach plakesPhoto by Dennis Hansen
Plakes beach in Katakolon

You can reach the main beach in Katakolon, called Plakes, easily from the port in the case you come to Katakolo in a cruise ship, or from the main national road when you come by car.

The beach of Plakes is an organized beach with sun-chairs and umbrellas. If you wish to discover more beaches near Katakolo, you can take a taxi or rent a scooter or a car from a nearby car hire company.

Plakes beach is pebbly and quite nice, with a few taverns and beach bars where you can buy snacks and drinks. The beach offers cabins, showers and of course crystal clear waters.

Agios Andreas beach or Kastro beach

Three to four kilometers away from Katakolon port there is the beach of Agios Andreas, which is smaller and less crowded than Plakes. The beach of Agios Andreas is also mentioned as Kastro beach, from the name of a small cafe by the beach.

Agios Andreas beach is organized and has a truly lovely landscape all around it, making it a great option if you wish to be close to the port, but far enough to find calmness. Locals suggest that this is the best beach close to Katakolon.

Leventohori beach near Katakolo

Leventohori beach near Katakolo

If you prefer a semi organized and more virgin beach, you will need to go little further, towards Leventohori beach, which is located almost 10km away from Katakolon port.

It is a pebbles beach with minimum equipment, so make sure you bring some water with you.

Aldemar beach near Skafidia Village

aldemar katakolon beach

The beach of hotel Aldemar close to Skafidia village, 20minutes drive away from Katakolon is a very nice sandy beach, offering many amenities and facilities. The luxury hotel onsite guarantees that the bathers will have whatever they ask for and that they will enjoy a very clean and well organized beach.

The entrance to the beach is free, but visitors are required to pay a fee for the use of umbrellas and chairs.

Kourouta beach

kourouta beach katakolon

Kourouta beach is famous among the locals and visitors of Katakolon and the wider area, because it’s a large and wide sandy beach, organized with umbrellas and sun-chairs.

There is no entrance fee to the beach. Visitors can enjoy a nice swim, a coffee or drink, and taste a nice lunch by the sea at the nearby restaurant.

If you decide to visit Kourouta beach (or Courouta beach), you will need to a 25 mins drive from Katakolon, so make sure you have enough time to go back to your cruise ship!

Katakolon beaches are a great option for those who are not into archaeological sites, such as Olympia or Chlemoutsi Castle, or for those who visit the area during summer and wish to sunbathe and swim at the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea.