Mercouri Winery

Visit Mercoury Winery from Katakolon

If you find yourself in Katakolon, whether visiting the area on your own or with a cruise ship, you should not miss the chance to visit Mercouri winery, which is just a few kilometers away from Katakolon.

Mercouri Winery is a working farm established by Theodore Mercouri and has been family owned and operated for 150  years. It is located at a breathtakingly beautiful area, which is stunningly landscaped.

Mercouri winery stands out due to the high quality and originality of the wines produced there.

mercouri winery katakolon

Mercouri winery occupies a large plateau, a few kilometers away from Katakolon on the Ichthis peninsula. It is an area covered with olive groves and of course vineyards and lush gardens.

Inside the estate there is a stone building that houses the visitor center and the winery offices,  as well as another building where you can see the artifacts and antique implements from the winery.

Wines produced by Mercouri Winery

The most important and popular wines produced at the Mercouri winery are:

  • the Foloi, the flagship white of the winery
  • the Domaine Mercouri
  • the varieties of Syrah in red wine

Tourists and visitors of the winery have the chance to enjoy a wine tasting tour and of course buy the wines they like directly from the source!

The grounds of the Mercouri estate are visited by numerous tourists every year, but are also used for concerts and cultural events, providing the ideal backdrop for artistic events in a region where tourism and culture are the two most important elements.