Weather in January 2011 in Katakolon

Weather in Katakolon in January 2011 was mostly cloudy and cold with temperatures ranging from 7 until 14 C during daytime.

Katakolon is situated in the Peloponnese Peninsula, at the western part of Greece, which usually has relatively mild weather during the winter period, but with rainfalls and rarely snow. Due to its friendly weather, the cruise port of Katakolon is considered a welcoming harbor even during winter time, for smaller or larger boats.

Although the tourist season is already over since late November, there are still private yachts and boats that arrive at Katakolon, since there are many individuals who wish to visit the important site of Olympia, close to Katakolon port.

In 2011 there were 12 days with rain in January, while the precipitation for this month was 136.3 mm.

Data for weather in Katakolon in January 2011

Average temperature: 12 C / 54 F
Highest temperature: 17.3 C / 68 F
Average High Temperature: 14.5 C / 58 F
Lowest temperature: 4.8 C / 41 F
Average Low Temperature: 10.6 C / 51F
Rainy days: 12