Weather in February 2011 in Katakolon

Weather in February 2011 in Katakolon was rather mild for this time of the year. Temperatures were normal for February, with an average temperature of 12.5 C, while there were warm days with the temperature being close to 19 C.

In general this February was a little warmer compared to February 2010 in Katakolon, with less days of rain, and less humidity.

It seems that February 2011 was warmer at the western parts of the country, where Katakolon is, however, there were some strong winds this month. Thankfully, the tourist season hadn’t started yet, so there was no problem for cruise ships that intended to moor at Katakolon port.

There were 10 days of rain with 92.2mm.

Data for weather in Katakolon in February 2011

Average temperature: 12.5 C / 54.5 ºF
Highest temperature: 18.6 C / 65.48 ºF
Average High Temperature: 18 C / 64.4 ºF
Lowest temperature: 5 C / 41 ºF
Average Low Temperature: 6.3 C / 43.34 ºF
Rainy days: 10