Caretta Caretta sea turtles found dead at Katakolon

A Caretta Caretta sea turtle was found dead at Katakolon, at a nearby beach called Kavouri. According to testimonies, a dead sea turtle was brought to the shore by the waves three days ago.

The officials of Katakolon were notified by locals and tourists who found the Caretta caretta turtle, but they only came to take pictures of the dead turtle, without taking care of it.

The question that arose is why no one took the turtle to bury it, although some locals suggested that probably they should call WWF to take care of the dead body of the turtle.

They also denoted that since the tourist season has already started and the cruise ships come often to the port, the tourists visit the area of Kavouri as well; this means that the officials should be much more sensitive when it comes to such issues, especially since tourists are usually very eco-sensible.

We remind that Caretta-Caretta sea turtle is considered an endangered species and is protected by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Caretta Caretta appears a lot in the Mediterranean Sea, but it rarely comes ashore except for the period when it wants to lay its eggs on the warm sand.