Weather in October 2010 in Katakolon

Weather in October 2010 in Katakolon was a little cold especially after mid October and towards its end.

Usually October is a mildly cool month, with some rainy days but in 2010 there were 15 days of rain, signaling the official beginning of the fall in Katakolon and the western coast of Greece.

Obviously, tourists would not be happy to see overcast or rainy days in Greece during their cruise to Katakolon and Olympia, but October has occasional showers which can be combined with sunny days at the same time. The average temperature is lower compared to September.

Weather data in october 2010

Average temperature: 19.9 C / 67.82 ºF
Highest temperature: 26.0 C / 78.8 ºF
Lowest temperature: 12.1 C / 53.78 ºF
Average Low Temperature: 13 C / 55.4 ºF
Rainy days: 15