Weather in August 2010 in Katakolon

Weather in August 2010 in Katakolon was warm and little humid; occasionally, August might have some strong summer showers, but in this case there was not even a single day of rain in Katakolon.

Temperatures in August in Katakolon were as high as 33+ and winds were a little milder compared to July.

What makes August warmer in comparison with July is not the highest temperature, but the average temperature, which is almost 3 degrees higher than in July.

Weather data in August 2010

Average temperature: 26.6 C / 79.88 ºF
Highest temperature: 33.3 C / 91.94 ºF
Lowest temperature: 16 C / 60.8 ºF
Average Low Temperature: 20.4 C / 68.72 ºF
Rainy days: 0