Weather in February 2010 in Katakolon

Weather in February in 2010 in Katakolon was a little colder in comparison to January when it comes to average low temperatures.

However, this is very common in Greece in general, since in February we usually have the outburst of winter and the colder days.

This February in Katakolon was a little cold and rainy, with 14 days of rain compared to the 12 days of rain in January and 76.8mm of rain.

Weather data for February 2010 in Katakolon

Average temperature: 13.2 C / 55.76 ºF F
Highest temperature: 19.8 C / 67.64 ºF
Average High Temperature: 19 C / 66.2 ºF
Lowest temperature: 4.4 C / 39.92 ºF
Days of rain:14