Katakolon Police Department to Operate Again

Officials from Katakolon confirmed the last few days that there is an initiative for the operation of the Katakolon Police Department since the tourist season has opened and the traffic at Katakolon Port is expected to be much bigger than the previous years.

greek police car

During the first week of April 2011, there was a meeting among the officials from Katakolon and the Municipality of Pyrgos who discussed several issues regarding safety at Katakolon both for the tourists and the people who live and work there.

Since the port of Katakolon and Ancient Olympia will be receiving more than 1,000.000 tourists this year, security and safety are two issues of great significance. After all, a port of this importance and traffic should have its own police department, ensuring that no criminal acts will take place.

The Mayor of Katakolon, Mr. Paraskevopoulos, announced that the Police Department of Katakolon will operate again during the first half of April, and that the officials will try to increase the Maritime police force as well, in order to ensure that none of the tourists or staff of the cruise ships and tourists businesses will come across any dangerous situations.

It should be said though that criminality at Katakolon is almost non existing, except for some minor events of store theft that took place during the previous tourist season. The Mayor of Pyrgos said that it’s not possible to receive 10,000 tourists per day and have just a couple of police officers on duty, therefore, except for the re-operation of the Police department, they have already asked for additional man-force for Katakolon department, which will be located close to the main port of the village, ensuring the proper conditions for tourists and locals.

The chairman of Police officers of the Prefecture suggested that all possible measures should be taken to ensure that Greece is indeed one of the safest tourist destinations for foreigners in the world. Even if criminality in Katakolon is minimum right now, everyone should work for the best possible results making everyone feel safe and secure at all times.