Safety in Katakolon and Olympia

Safety in your journey is always an issue. Whether you are traveling by boat on a nice and enjoyable cruise, or you are visiting on your own, you should know a few things about safety in Katakolon port and Ancient Olympia in Greece.

While driving in Greece can be hazardous in general, Katakolon is relatively safe, since the road to Olympia is new and pretty good. In any case, if you feel uncomfortable driving on your own, whether because you are not familiar with the area, or because you don’t like driving in a foreign country, Katakolon taxi services will help you get to your destination fast and safely.

Violent crimes and criminality in general are pretty low in Katakolon – actually we could say it doesn’t exist at all and is unheard of. In general, if you ask the local authorities they will tell you that criminality is not even worth mentioning in rural areas.

Overall, crime rate in Greece is among the lower in the European union, however, if you want to have your peace of mind, you should lock your valuables in a safe in your cabin when arriving by cruise ship.

You should keep in mind that pick pocketing is always an issue in tourist areas, however, when it comes to Katakolon and Olympia, you will rarely find yourself in a crowded space.

Both areas are pretty large and spacious, so you will not have such problems. In any case, though, don’t put your wallet or other valuables in plain sight; you are always recommended to place your valuables in hard to reach places.

Women traveling alone in Greece will rarely have any problems in this country; they are pretty welcome actually, since Greek women also tend to travel together a lot, spending their vacations in islands and the mainland. Women are always in the center of attention by Greek men, who are quite polite, although little flirtatious – it’s the warm blood of the Mediterranean people!

In the unlikely event that something unpleasant happens, you should contact the Police by dialing 100, while in the case of a health issue and emergency you can dial 166 or visit the local Health center in the town of Olympia.