Plans for a Casino at Katakolon

New plans for a casino at Katakolon were revealed a few days ago, since the Municipality of Pirgos accepted the suggestion for the exploitation of the mainland of Katakolon.

During the last months, there have been rumors about a huge investment made by foreign companies in the region, since the public sector cannot finance the necessary development of facilities in the area.

It seems that the chairman of Maritime Officials, Mr Anomeritis, played an important role as a medium between foreign investors and local officials, establishing a good and fruitful communication. Therefore, a new project regarding the tourist development of Katakolon is about to launch. The Government has already agreed with this project and has stated that everything necessary will be done to avoid bureaucracy as much as possible.

The New Casino Project for Katakolon

According to recent information, the amount of the investment is more than 2bil euro, and the companies that will participate to the development of the casino come from Canada and Hong Kong.

The goal is to create a multiplex in the heart of Katakolon village, close to the main port of the region, expected to give a boost to the tourist development of the area, especially since this year more than a million tourists are expected at the port of Katakolon.

The company that will participate in this project are Vegas Solution development,  which has some vast plans for the further enhancement of the area. The investors have already started working on the project for a year now, along with the Greek Polytechnic school. The supportive company is Venetian Macao.

These companies have also collaborated in the creation of Las Vegas Sands, the company with significant casinos in China and the USA. It seems that the managers of these companies had shown some interest in the past as well, and the increase in tourism this year has brought these plans back to light.

This is one of the best chances for Katakolon to be developed, since this project will be one of the largest investments made by independent and foreign companies.  It comes as no surprise that Katakolon was chosen for such an investment, since it is the second biggest port in Greece.

The agreement and the contract for the new casino in Katakolon is expected to be signed on April 21st 2011.