Inauguration of the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology in Katakolon

The Museum of Ancient Greek Technology of Kostas Kotsanas was inaugurated a few days ago in Katakolon with the presence of numerous officials and residents of the region.

The Museum of Ancient Greek Technology in Katakolon is exceptional, not only for the Greek standards but also internationally, since it was made with care and toil. It is not accidental that  all the exhibits of the museum and the supporting materials are created by Kostas Kotsanas himself, after 20 years of personal research, study and construction, without any help or grant from private or public body.

The Opening of the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology in Katakolon

One of the honorary invitees of the inauguration was the peer professor of the National Polytechnic University, Theodosis Tasios, who inaugurated the museum along with the Mayor Makis Paraskevopoulos.

The same evening, the professor gave a lecture on the “Ancient Greek Technology” and Mr Kotsanas presented briefly the exhibits of the Museum.

It should be denoted that the museum has 250 reliable and fully functional effigies, inventions and fabrications of the ancient Greek miracle that covers a period from 2,000 BC till the end of the ancient Greek world.

Apart from that, the Museum of Ancient Greek Instruments and Toys is also in Katakolon under the curation of Pyrgos Municipality at the Latsi Building. There are 42 ancient Greek music instruments with detailed descriptions and diagrams.

The inauguration was attended by many known personalities from politics and arts,  including the Mayor and other officials of the city of Pyrgos and other local areas.