A Maritime Academy at Katakolon?

There are some rumors lately that the Ministry of Nautical Affairs is about to establish a Maritime Academy at Katakolon.

The Minister of Nautical Affairs Mr Ioannis Diamantidis replied to a pertinent question asked by a member of the Parliament, Mr Panagiotis Antonakopoulos, who denoted the need to develop the port of Katakolon since it receives numerous cruise ships and tourists every year.

Mr Diamantidis suggested that the Government will consider the possibility to establish a new Maritime Academy in Katakolon, counting in the increased needs of the Greek Shipping field, and the demand for these schools by many potential students in Greece.

Mr Antonakopoulos has pointed out that during the last years, the port of Katakolon is included among the top destinations in Greece, since more than 500 cruise ships are expected during the summer months. In any case there is a plan for the further development of the port of Katakolon.

He suggested that the development of the port and the expected traffic are the ideal circumstances for the education of Maritime Officials. The Greek Government is now expected to give a reply if there is a plan for general changes in Maritime education and what is going to happen with the Maritime Academy at Katakolon.