Ancient Greek Music Instruments from Katakolon to Australia

Who would think that Ancient Greek music instruments could travel from Katakolon to Australia?

ancient greek instruments in museum in katakolon

The entire Museum of Greek music instruments of Kostas Kotsanas is being transfered to Australia from Katakolon for a period of 3 months. 42 music instruments travel by plane to the homonym museum of Katakolon in Melbourne.

The inauguration of the exhibition, which is organised by the Greek Museum and the Greek Foundation of Culture in Melbourne took place on March 28th and is housed in the main building of the Greek museum, which is one of the most historical buildings in downtown Melbourne. The exhibition will last for three months, until June 26th.

During the inauguration of the exhibition from Katakolon, Mr Kotsanas will talk about the unknown technology of the ancient Greek music instruments.

The Greek Museum in Melbourne

The Greek Museum in Melbourne has already built the necessary display cases, according to the direction of the curator, in order to host the music instruments from Katakolon in such a way that the visitors will be able to see all the angles of the instrument and listen to the sound produced by each one of them.

At the same time, this exhibition is enhanced by suitable scenography that will enrich and embellish the exhibition of the music instruments from Katakolon.

According to estimates made by the officials in Melbourne, the exhibition will receive numerous guests that will get to know a rather unknown part of the ancient Greek civilization. It is also important to denote that numerous expats are expected to visit the exhibition and feel proud of the civilization of their ancestors.

The Museum of Greek Technology in Katakolon

This exhibition from Katakolon to Australia is the first of a series of exhibitions by the Museum of Greek Technology in Katakolon in different countries, after the great interest shown by several institutions abroad.  Accepting these invitations is very important because it aims at denoting the importance of the Museum in Katakolon as a body of Greek culture abroad.

The museum of ancient Greek instruments in Katakolon will house instruments of astronomy for the next three months, as well as toys of the Ancient Greeks and will be open to adults and students – always free of charge.