Improvements needed in Katakolon Port

Many thousands of tourists come to Greece on cruise ships every year. Piraeus, the main port in Greece has modern passenger stations, advanced security systems, jetties, facilities and services. But cruise ships do not just come to Piraeus; they also go to Santorini, Mykonos, Patmos and Katakolon Port.

cruise ship in katakolon port
Cruise ship in Katakolon Port

More than 650,000 tourists are expected to visit the Katakolon Port in 2011, but this port does not have the necessary facilities. It lacks even the most basic facilities such as a kiosk or a mooring buoy, where the large cruise ships of more than 350m can anchor.

Last year, the Harbor Management Organisation of Katakolon collected 900,000 euros, while its income was approximately 5mil euros during the past 5 years. It is denoted though that not even one euro was used for the development and maintenance of the harbor.

This has to change soon; Katakolon Port needs modern facilities that will offer bespoke services to the thousands of visitors who visit Katakolon with cruise ships.


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